Limitless derivatives created using synthetic assets.
Built on UMA.

AssetMarket CapAPR
mAMPL [USDC JUNE 2021]__
Tether DEC21__
Our mission is to create as many innovative synthetic products as possible. These assets may include offering traders a way to hedge liquidity pools, TVL derivatives, and more. At the same time, our goal is to be a one-stop platform for UMA synthetic products.

We use the UMA protocol built on Ethereum to create synthetic collateral-backed tokens. The token values fluctuate depending on the tokens’ reference index. Synthetic tokens blend features of prediction markets, futures markets, and collateralized loans.
The UMA protocol created a program to incentivize idea creation and building which is allocated a total of 35% of the token supply. The foundation pays out 50,000 $UMA weekly to developers which is weighted by the value locked in their synthetic asset contracts.


Mint Synthetic Asset

Use our platform to mint synthetic assets with various forms of collateral


Provide Liquidity

Supply liquidity to the designated Uniswap or Balancer pools.


Earn Rewards

Rewards are distributed to users weekly in the form of UMA tokens